Textile print methods

Types of textile print

Screen print
At the moment we have 5 automatic machines for screen-printing , varying from the smallest for 6 colours up to the largest for 9 colours. The largest print size possible is 50 x 70 cm (however, with certain limitations - please inquire). A "normal" print size is within 40 x 70 cm.

All colours are printed wet on wet, i.e. without intermediate drying. However, on dark colours, a white ground must normally printed, which must be intermediately dried before the colours are printed on.

Printing on dark textiles has some special requirements, i.a. because you cannot print a photo (cmyk) directly on a white background. Photos and photo-like motifs require a special separation technology for the film. In cae of many colours in a print on dark articles, we will always like to check the motif before deciding how to print it. 
Transfer Print
In the transfer department we have two production lines, a one 3/4 automatic and a fully automatic machine. For transfers we have a heating press with double plates, a heating press with a single plate and three heating presses for caps.

On caps we always use transfers, however, whether we use transfers on other articles depends on many other conditions.
The number of colours of the motif, the number of prints, the nature and colour of the article, the place of the print, etc.

Whether a print shall be made as a screen print or transfer print will be individually determined, it is difficult to make a generalisation.  
On mouse pads we print with sublistatic transfers. This technology may be used because the surface of the mouse pad is of 100% polyester and it can stand heating up to 210°C.

The sublimation colour penetrates the polyester and leaves a soft surface where the print is not felt. The transfer is made on a colour printer using special colour and paper, and therefore the number of colours is unimportant. 
Ours or the customer's articles?
It is possible to use our articles, which are all prepared for printing or you may deliver your own articles. It is important that the articles you want to print on are suitable. Please call and ask for advice - we have many years of experience.