The products you see in our product assortment, are all products there belongs to the LABELFREE category. This means that all products has a small size label in the left side of the neck, plus a small label in the left side seam with the product name and washing instructions.

It is a conscious choice to keep the neck label free and that Storm Textil is not shown as the manufacturer of the clothing. It makes room for your logo, and the opportunity to brand the products as your own.

Your logo as a neck print

If you want your logo in the neck of t-shirts, polo shirts, and sweatshirts, we recommend a 1-color transfer print.

We offer to make your transfers for neck print for free when ordering a minimum of 100 pieces of clothing. We produce 10 sheets of transfers for free, you only have to pay for the transferring of the logos.

A transfer sheet is 33 x 43 cm. For example, if your logo is 58 x 20 mm, we can print 750 pieces of transfers free of charge. Is your logo larger, e.g. 58 x 60 mm, we can print 500 pieces of transfers free of charge. We will save the extra transfers for your next order.  

Please note that this offer is only valid when ordering a 1-color neck label. If you want multicolored neck labels you get 1 color for free together with ordering 100 pieces of clothing.

Contact the sales department to order transfer labels.


your logo

Woven labels

You can also choose to get the labels sewed in/at the clothes. It can be your own labels or labels you get produced by us. Ask the sales department what options and prices we can offer you. (min. 500 pcs.)


You can also get a LABELFREE catalog with the full product assortment. Storm Textil is not mentioned in this catalog and you can have your own logo and contact information on the catalog for free. Curious how? Click here.

brandyourself catalog 2021

Product sheet

You also have the option to download product sheets on each product on the web shop. On these product sheets, it does not appear that Storm Textile is the sender. You download the product sheet as a PDF file, and you can send it to your customers with a good offer.

Click here to see an example of a product sheet