DTF (Direct to film)

A new and revolutionary printing method

Direct-to-Film printing, or DTF for short, is a fantastic method for adding designs to fabric. It involves printing an image directly onto a special foil material, which is then applied to the fabric to create a unique, high-quality image. DTF printing is known for producing vibrant, long-lasting images that won't fade or wear easily.

The process starts with creating a digital file of the image you want to print. This file is then printed onto the foil material using a special machine.

After the image is printed onto the foil, it is applied to the fabric. Heat and pressure are used to bond the foil to the fabric, resulting in a beautiful, durable image.

DTF printing is an affordable option for creating custom textiles in small runs, such as t-shirts, bags, and accessories. It's also a great choice for creating custom logos and marketing materials. With its quick and efficient process, DTF printing can help you create products that stand out and leave a lasting impression.


Bestil DTF-tryk pr. løbende meter

Som noget nyt kan du nu bestille DTF-tryk i metermål. Senere på året vil det være muligt at bestille DTF-tryk over nettet, så du hurtigt kan få bestilt og leveret dine tryk.

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