Textile Embroidery

Storm Textil offers embroidery on clothing. Embroidery is an exclusive and durable method with endless creative possibilities. It is a great choice for your company logo and decoration of your textile orders. We have our own embroidery machines that can embroider up to 15 colors in a design. To create an embroidery, you need an embroidery program. We have good partners who deliver professional work.

We can use the following file formats to create embroidery programs: jpg, ai, eps, pdf, psd. If there are unique colors in your logo, it is important that you specify Pantone colors (PMS).

Contact the sales department to get a quote for your specific embroidery job.

Sewing department

Storm Textil can now offer to handle small sewing jobs for customizing our LABELFREE collection. This could be the mounting of labels, pockets, and badges. We can also produce labels and badges directly from the Far East. If you are interested in pockets, check out our LABELFREEF selection here. For prices and delivery time, please contact our sales department.

sewing department

Sew-on Labels

Sew-on Labels We now offer high-quality sew-on labels that can be used to personalize your clothes, fabric bags, or other textiles. The labels are perfect for marking your clothes with your name or logo. It is easy to order sew-on labels from us, simply send us your label design and we will produce and apply them. We offer fast delivery, so you can receive your products with labels within a few days. Contact our sales department for a quote on sew-on labels.

We can offer labels in the following sizes:

  • 40 x 50 mm
  • 30 x 38 mm
  • 35 x 35 mm
sewn in labels
sew-on labels