Print on customer delivered goods

As a starting point, we prefer to print on our own stock items, and you can see our product range here. 
If you cannot find a product that suits your needs, we also print on products you have purchased from another supplier.

Print can react differently to different products, and since we do not know how your product is produced, it can be a great help if you send extra products for a test print. In the event of a misprint on customer delivered goods, we only replace the print.

It can be a major challenge when printing on products that contain a lot of synthetic materials, such as polyester and nylon. On smooth surfaces as we see in wind- and rain jackets, it can be difficult to get a transfer to stick. We apply the print in the best possible way, but even though it seems to be firmly attached, it can still fall off when it is being washed. We always recommend that we make a test print that you can wash before we make the production.

Some products can contain a lot of excess dye such as softshell jackets and sportswear. The fabric dye can sublimate through the ink, but we have methods that in many cases can prevent sublimation.

Of course, we will help you to find the right printing method for your product, and sometimes it can be an advantage to get embroidery on products with a lot of synthetic materials. Read more about embroidery here.

When you send goods to us for printing, it is important that there is a delivery note, which corresponds to the order you made to our office. This makes it easy for us to pair your order with your products.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us.


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