Do you need pictures and other material for your webshop or marketing? You can find help on this page.

Download photos and videos

If you resell our products, you may use our images and videos in your marketing.

If you use the model images and videos in your marketing, we expect you to use the images in a sober context and respect the models in the images and films. If you are in doubt about the use of images, you are welcome to contact us, and we will guide you.

For each product in the webshop, you can download model photos and packshots.
If you click on "Download Model Images", you will get all model pictures that belong to the product. If you click on "Download Packshots", you download the color that is displayed.
If you need all the images, we can recommend that you download them from our images bank. Click here

Model images click here
You can advantageously download the zip file "Storm Textil Model Photos" by downloading all photos at once. Click here

Packshots click here
You can advantageously download the zip file "Storm Textil Packshots" by downloading all images at once. Click here

How to find the pictures in the download folder
Our product names all start with ST eg ST101, if you need images that match this product, use the images named 000101.
Example model photos: 000101_Classic_01
Example of packshots: 000101_White_01_front

For products with a product name that starts with a 4-digit ST number, eg ST2404, you will find the images in this way.
Example of model photos: 002404_Model_B_01
Example of packshots: 002404_44_front

You can also download videos in our image bank. Click here

Download billeder

Easy webshop integration

We can offer you 2 different solutions, so you can easily integrate our products into your webshop.

CSV file
Once logged in, you can download a CSV file with product information on "My Account". If your webshop is compatible with CSV files, you can import the file and you will more easily get all the information into your webshop.
API access
You also have the option of creating API access to and from our webshop. With API access, it is easy to keep your webshop up to date as it synchronizes with our data.
Basically, it requires a skilled programmer to set up API access. But once the connection is made, you will find that it is an easy way to maintain your webshop.

See the API documentation click here.

For questions contact Rune.

Nem webshop integrering 

Forward the good deals

Consider us as your sales supporter, we are here to help you to make your working day easier.

You can easily pass on the offers we give you to your customers. With a few clicks, you can add prices and contact information in the editable PDF.
You can download the PDF in the newsletter or at the product it regards.

See an example of an editable PDF click here

If you need help editing the PDF or adding something that is relevant for your company, we are happy to help.

If you need a flyer on one of our products, and you need help with the graphics, we are at your disposal. You will receive a PDF that you can print or send to your customers.

For help contact Rune.

PDF lige til at sende videre

PDF datasheet

You can also download a PDF datasheet for each product, here you get a "copy" of the page as a PDF. There are no references to Storm Textil in the datasheet.

See an example of a datasheet click here

PDF datablad

LabelFree Catalog

We have both a printed catalog and a catalog that you can download.

The Brand Yourself catalog is a catalog without references to Storm Textil, and you can safely give it to your customers with you as the sender.

Online catalog: (Opens in ISSUU online publisher)

PDF catalogs:

Add the catalog to your cart and have it shipped with your next order. Click here

Brand Yourself katalog - Storm Textil