Carbon finish
The surface of the fabric is slightly brushed to give a soft and pleasant surface, called carbon finish or peach finish.
Combed cotton
Combed cotton is a more exclusive cotton. Before the cotton is made into yarn, it is combed. When the cotton is combed it is cleansed of impurities and short cotton fibers. As a result, you end up with long and uniform cotton fibers, which makes the yarn more uniform and stronger. In the end, it provides a smooth, uniform and strong material. We only use combed cotton for our products.
Elastan is a synthetic fiber that is known for its high elasticity and strength. Elastane with cotton and polyester is added to our garments to increase stretchability in the fabric. We use 8% elestan in our products to achieve stretchability both in width and height. The fabric also becomes softer and more flexible by adding elastane. Products with elastane make it possible to taylor a more tight fit while keeping the freedom of movement by wearing the cloth.
Fleece is knitted as single jersey, made of 100% polyester and is scratched. By scratching polyester, the fabric becomes warm and soft.
French terry
French terry is a cotton fabric used to make sportswear. There are loops on the back of fabric that help to absorb water or sweat. It is very smooth on the right side. We have added elastane to our French terry products to make the fabric more flexible and increase the freedom of movement.
GSM / g/m²
GSM stands for gram per square meter; it is the way to measure the thickness of fabrics. A Classic T-shirt is 165g /m². Many of our T-shirts has this weight, 165 g /m², because this thickness is good for T-shirts. We also have T-shirts that are lighter or heavier in GSM. A normal sweatshirt is between 320 and 350 g /m². It is top quality and in most cases it is scratched in order to get a soft and warm fabric.
Interlock is a double-knitted single jersey fabric. It means that the fabric has smooth stitches on both sides, it looks the same on the right and wrong sides.
Isoli is knitted like a single jersey. An extra yarn is added on the back side, which is scratched or brushed up, and gives a soft and warm feeling.
labelfree logo


The products you see in our product assortment, are all products there belongs to the LABELFREE category. This means that all products have only a small size label in the left side of the neck, plus a small label in the left side seam with the product name and washing instructions.


It is a conscious choice to keep the neck label free and that Storm Textil is not shown as the manufacturer of the clothing. It makes room for your logo, and the opportunity to brand the products as your own.

One by one rib
One by one is a rib stitch is a series of knit and purls, matched row for row. One by one is a more stretchy material than single jersey. We have T-shirts and baby clothes in one by one rib. On most of our T-shirts the neck ribbon is made of a one by one rib (1x1 rib). Depending on the product, the collar is with or without elastane.
Pique is a knitting method where the surface becomes more structured / patterned. It is generally slightly loose-knitted, which makes the fabric more breathable. The pattern gives the fabric a heavier weight and more durability.
Polyester is a broad term and can be used in almost all clothes. Polyester is a lightweight and durable material that gives a smooth surface. There is polyester in our T-shirts, isoli products, jackets, active wear and pants. We use polyester to make our products more durable and to minimize shrinkage.In some of our colors, we use polyester to achieve the correct melange color. The polyester thread is dyed from the spinner and knitted together with cotton. Then, the fabric is dyed to obtain the correct melange color.


Single jersey
Most of our T-shirts are knitted as single jersey. Single jersey is different on the right and on the wrong sides. The surface is smooth and even.
Softshell is a woven material in polyester. Our softshell jackets are made of three layers that are combined to one layer of fabric to achieve a very flexible, warm, water- and wind resistant material.
Viscose is used in our products to achieve a certain melange color. We use it in oxford gray and ash. The viscose thread is dyed from the spinner and knitted together with cotton. Then, the fabric is dyed to obtain the right melange color.