About Storm Textil

Storm Textil was founded by Niels Storm  in 1991. Niels still owns and runs the company today. Storm Textil has continously grown, and today it employs 30-40 people in a combined office- and production unit in Brønderslev, Denmark. Storm Textil is an experienced supplier of textile products of various kinds from, sweatshirts, T-shirts, baby items, towels, active wear and much more. Our wide product range, which we continously develop, contains different qualities, colours, sizes, and prices, why we meet almost all kinds of needs.


We have more than 1 million items in stock in our main storage in Brønderslev, and therefore we can deliver everything from 2 to 2000 (or even more) non-print pieces at a minimum of time. Our products are produced in collaboration with our suppliers in Bangladesh and Pakistan - all of them meet our requirements for high quality. Aside from offering one-coloured textiles, we also offer prints. We have our own printery within our main office in Brønderslev, and close to our main storage, why we are very flexible in all kinds of prints and textile businesses.


We do different kinds of print - e.g. screen print for which we have three automatic printmachines, and can produce prints measuring up to 19 x 27 inches. Besides that we have two production lines, a semi-automatic and full-automatic for transfer productions. Last, but not least, we offer sublimation prints (sublimative transfers), which we use for prints on polyester , and which can take up til 210 degrees celsius. We also offer custom manufacturing of products with or without print. Special production is relevant in case of big amounts or special requests regarding quality, color or design. Together with our reliable production partners in Bangladesh and Pakistan, we are more than happy to help you realizing any ideas. Read more here. We have a lot of experience with the Danish market and have become a well-known supplier of textiles, and we also have lots expertise in both export and sales in the European market - especially in Germany. We welcome business all over the world. See our sales- and delivery conditions.