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    • Weight: 460 g/m² - 16 oz canvas
    • Quality: 100% cotton
    • Nature Recycled, Black Granite: Re-cycled fibers cotton  polyester  mix 450 g/m² 
    • Size: 50 x 40 x 14 cm.
    • Long handle: 66 x 3,5 cm.
    • Box: 50 pcs., pack: 10 pcs.
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  • Sales and delivery

    Small quantities + EUR 0,24 per pcs. When 10 pcs packings are broken. Only T-shirts and poloshirts.
    Sizes + EUR 0,40 per pcs and + EUR 0,80 per pcs 4XL-6XL. Effective for all t-shirts and polo.
    + EUR 0,67 per pcs and + EUR 1,35 per pcs 4XL-6XL. Effective for all sweat and jackets.
    Prices All prices in EUR, excl VAT.
    Invoice fee Invoice total under EUR 70 (exclusive freight) Fee EUR 7,00.
    Payment Net cash.
    Ordering Orders must be placed by phone (+ 45 98 80 07 98), mail ( or webshop (
    Change of order By print order we send order confirmation. This must be reviewed and approved. If we have not received replies/changes within 3 days of receipt, we consider the print order as approved.
    In case of changes in prices, location, ink or similar. received after 3 days will be invoiced for the parts of the production and preparations that have been started.
    Order changes are billed with min. EUR 7,00.
    Cancellation of orders When canceling an order, accrued costs are invoiced up to the time of the cancellation.
    Customers own goods Delivery of customer’s own goods to Storm Textil must be accompanied by a complete delivery note, which corresponds to the customer’s order to be delivered to the office.
    Checking and sorting of customer products is calculated with EUR 7,00 / piece for t-shirt/sweatshirt etc.
    Transfer When transferring your own transfer is calculated for a minimum of 10 pcs.
    Error printing/embroidery              When printing/embroidering on goods supplied by the customer, only the printing is replaced.
    Number of prints/embr. A minimum of 10 pieces is calculated. printing and embroidery, and my 25 pcs. transfers.
    Testprint 10 pcs. print in the category as well as resetting.
    Test embroidery 10 pcs. embroidery in the category as well as embroidery program/initial cost.
    Reprint No film is paid for reprint.
    Reorder of embroidery 1/2 price is paid for the start-up when you reorder embroidery. 
    Pay attention to the following when choosing embroidery. There can be clamp marks after the embroidery frame.
    There can be leftovers of backing which will disappear on the outside after washing.
    Colors and quality correspond to any shown embroidery test- ask for this.
    Before embroidery, layouts with placement, size, and color of the embroidery must be approved customer-supplied goods, it may be necessary to make a sample embroidery on an accompanying goods handling
    Delivery Ab stock - normal shipment with GLS, UPS or freight forwarder.
    Delivery to 3. part It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that the product is checked before any process is started.
    Delivery time WITHOUT PRINT - from day to day (applies to most items) when ordering before 11 am.
    WITH PRINT/EMBROIDERY normally 10 working days from receipt of finished order and repro-ready material.
    In case of prepayment 10 working days from receipt of registered payment.
    Number of articles For printing tasks it must be accepted that the delivered quantity can fluctuate by +/- 5% according to the order.
    Express fee For delivery time 3-5 working days: + EUR 0,14 per print/embroidery, minimum EUR 54,00.
    For delivery time 6-9 working days: + EUR 0,07 per print/embroidery, minimum EUR 34,00.
    - from receipt of finished order and repo ready material.
    Complaints Must be made within 3 days of receipt.
    If the order confirmation/layout is approved, complaints regarding. prices, location, ink or similar not accepted!
    Returned goods Returned goods without printing are reimbursed with a maximum of 80% of the price of the goods. Shipping, picking fees, fees and the like are not reimbursed. Returns can only be made by appointment and only undamaged goods.
    Size +/- 2 cm variation in the sizes of textile products may occur.
    Colors The color of the print on the fabric is not 100% identical to the color of the print on paper or the color on the computer screen.
    Washing Textile products are recommended to be washed with quality detergent, at max. 40 °C and turned inside out, in order to maintain the quality of the fabric and the print.
    Redress When you as a customer, living in an EU-country, have a problem with us as a trader regarding the product or service you bought, you can settle your dispute out-of-court through here:
    Please, do not forget to indicate our e-mail address;

    Delivery time

    The map shows the approximate delivery time within Europe.

    Any questions? Please, contact our sales department; or +45  98 80 07 98.

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ST2425 Shopper 50 Pocket

460 G/M² - 16 OZ CANVAS
New product
  • Weight: 460 g/m² - 16 oz canvas
  • Quality: 100% cotton
  • Nature Recycled, Black Granite: Re-cycled fibers cotton  polyester  mix 450 g/m² 
  • Size: 50 x 40 x 14 cm.
  • Long handle: 66 x 3,5 cm.
  • Box: 50 pcs., pack: 10 pcs.
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