FREE printing on colorful tote bags. When buying min. 250 pcs. you get a 1-color print on one side max 29 x 29 cm for free on the colored tote bags. The offer is valid on ST2411 Model C LH and ST2412 Model C HLH.

Covid-19 Status

On Thursday 19th of  November, North Jutland was reopened, and we can once again go between the different areas in Denmark as we like. 
For Storm Textil, this means that we again have all employees at work in Brønderslev.

// November 20, 2020

Information about COVID-19 and Storm Textil November 2020
Storm Textil is located in one of the 7 North Jutland areas, which has been imposed on new restrictions according to the covid-19 situation in Denmark. 
To Storm Textile, it means 
that the staff who lives outside the Brønderslev area has been sent home.

Those who have been sent home from the sales and graphic office work from home, and therefore we encourage all our customers to communicate by email.

We still have employees in the office who can answer phone calls and there will also be the possibility of forwarding them.

However, we have chosen to change our phone hours to 10-14 for a period.

Unfortunately, some of the staff from our production and warehouse have also been sent home, so there may be small delays.

We still print, pack, and send orders every day.

Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.

Regards Team Storm Textile.

// November 6th, 2020


Storm Textil have taken precautionary measures due to COVID-19.

Internally we have adapted our procedures to comply to the guidelines provided by the national health authorities.
We have arranged home offices where possible. In addition, unfortunately, we have had to arrange part-time work for our staff in production and stock.

The Danish Prime Minister has emphasized the importance of the private sector continuing their work so that the country doesn’t grind to a halt.
Therefore, we have adjusted the staffing according to the order flow, so you can still get your orders with or without printing/embroidery.



// March 20th 2020